11 апр. 2012 г.

Косяки MongoDB

Перечислю косяки MongoDB, которые попадаются при работе с ней. Список пополняется.

  • При локе базы, любая работа с монго подвешивает mongo shell (Bug: SERVER-4243)
  • Index entries have a limitation on their maximum size (the sum of the values), currently approximately 800 bytes. (Bug: SERVER-3372)
  • The maximum size of a collection name is 128 characters (including the name of the db and indexes). It is probably best to keep it under 80/90 chars.[link]
  • MongoDB limits the data size of individual BSON objects/documents. At the time of this writing the limit is 16MB.[link]
  • A Year with MongoDB :
  • Non-counting B-Trees 
  • Poor Memory Management 
  • Uncompressed field names 
  • Global write lock 
  • Safe off by default 
  • Offline table compaction 
  • Secondaries do not keep hot data in RAM